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Cleaning the stained glass project

Cleaning the Project.
Once the project has been soldered together, clean thoroughly to remove any flux residue. If not removed quickly, flux solutions, because of their corrosive nature, will cause the solder seams to oxidize resulting in a tarnished look. To clean, apply a small amount of cleaning solution to your project. With a soft cloth or an old toothbrush moistened with warm water, rub the cleaner over the entire project. Rinse under warm running water until all traces of flux and cleaner are removed. Do not immerse project in water. Dry with a soft cloth. Commercial stained glass cleaning solutions are referred to as neutralizing solutions. They are formulated to counteract the effects of flux as they clean. Household liquid dish detergent can also be used effectively when mixed with a small amount of sodium bicarbonate.

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The work area for stained glass project ideas

Choose a comfortable working space with enough room to spread out the project. A working area requires:
• a large, sturdy table or workbench with a smooth, level work surface (preferably plywood). The table should be at comfortable working height (around waist level).
• good overhead lighting (natural light if possible).
• an electrical outlet with grounded circuit for solderirig irons and glass grinders.
• an easy-to-clean hard surfaced floor.
• a rack or wooden bin with dividers to store sheets of glass in an upright position. Store smaller pieces in a cardboard box.
• good ventilation (window, fan) when soldering or working with patinas.
• a supply of newspaper to cover work surface for easy cleaning.
• access to water to clean project and operate glass grinder.
• light table for tracing patterns onto hard-to-see-through glass. All that is required is a plywood box with a fluorescent fixture placed inside and 1/4 in clear float glass for the top. The underside of the glass must be sandblasted to diffuse the light from the bulbs. (Most shops selling float glass will be able to do this for you.)
When tracing patterns onto smaller pieces of glass, the following method can be used in place of a light table: tape the pattern onto an outside facing window, place the glass on top of the pattern, and trace your pattern onto the glass. This method is not recommended for large pieces of glass.
Make your own light table.
Construct a plywood box 43 in x 25 in x 5-1/4 in. Place a fluorescent light fixture inside. Make a hole in one end for the light cord. Buy a piece of c/ear float g/ass 42 in x 24 in x 1/4 in thick. The

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