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How to finish the project stained glass

Solder seams can be finished in a number of ways-left as they are (shiny silver) or lightly rubbed with steel wool for a pewter look, or color altered by applying a black or copper patina. Apply patina after the project has been soldered and cleaned for best results.
Applying Patina
1 Cover the work surface with a layer of newspaper. Wear rubber gloves and a work apron to protect your hands and clothing from the patina. Wear safety glasses.
2 If the project sits overnight or you have decided at a later date to apply patina, remove the oxidization on the metal’s surface by rubbing fine steel wool (000) across all solder seams. By rubbing across, not lengthwise, any cooling lines in the solder will become less visible and give the appearance of a smoother line.
3 Use a soft cloth to brush off any traces of steel wool onto the newspaper. Roll the newspaper up and discard. Place a new layer of newspaper under the project.
4 Pour a small amount of patina out of the bottle into another container. This will prevent the risk of contaminating any unused patina. Apply the patina to the solder seams with an old toothbrush, cotton swabs, or soft disposable cloth and rub gently until you achieve an even finish. Try not to get patina on the glass. Because of metal oxides in stained glass, some glasses will incur a rainbow-like hazing where the patina touches the glass. Though it is not very noticeable, it is best to try and avoid it.
5 Clean the project thoroughly with warm water and a neutralizing solution and dry with a soft cloth.
6 If there is any patina left that was poured out of the original bottle, dispose of it. If a toothbrush Was used, rinse it in clean water. Dispose of the newspaper and any cotton swabs or cloths used to apply the patina. Because the black or copper color is the result of a chemical reaction with the surface of the solder, the patina can be removed if you are not happy with the outcome by rubbing with fine steel wool (000).
7 Apply finishing compound or wax.

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