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Stage shows for children

A stage show is fun for those who act out the story as well as for those who watch the show. After a practice or two, the show will be ready to put on.
The Story:
You can make up the story yourself. Or act out a favorite story, a comic strip, or a show you have seen on television. You can even act out one of your story records.
The Actors:
Anyone can play a part in a show. Try to speak clearly so that the audience can hear. Be sure to know the story so that you and the other actors know what to do next.
The Stage:
Your stage can be a porch, a basement a corner or end of a room, or part of a back yard. The actors might use a door to come on and off the stage.
The Scenery:
The scenery for a play need not look real. Use just enough scenery to let the audience know where the story is taking place.
Paint your scenery on pieces of wrapping paper and stretch them across the back of the stage. You can also use on-stage scenery such as tables and chairs.
The Costumes:
You don’t have to have fancy costumes to put on a show. The right kind of hat or cape, or simply a cane or a handbag, is usually all you need to get your audience to imagine the rest of the costume.
Sound effects:
Sound effects make a show seem more exciting. Ask someone to be the “sound man” during the show. Here are some sound effects for him to make: Roll stones in a cigar box to sound like rain, beat a drum to sound like thunder, squeeze a box of cornstarch to sound like someone walking in snow, crumple paper to sound like a fire burning, and pat hands on a table to sound like horses running.

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