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Needle craft ideas

Needle and thread.

Make an apron, make a clown, or make a pair of slippers to wear around. Or you can stitch a picture or braid a belt as a gift for a friend. All you need are needle, thread and a few other materials. It’s easy. Follow the steps closely on the next pages and see.

Making Pictures with Stitches.
Draw a picture of a boat, a cat, a house, a boy, or a girl on paper. With carbon paper under your drawing, trace the lines onto the cloth.
Thread a big needle. Double the thread and make a knot at the end.
Now you’re ready to sew along the lines. Start by sticking the needle through the backside of the cloth and pulling the thread through until the knot stops it. Push the needle in and out of the cloth along the lines of the picture until you have covered all of the lines. Sew short, tight stitches.

Sewing Pictures on Cards.
Stitch pictures on cardboard instead of on cloth, and you can make a collection of card pictures.
Use a thimble when you push the needle through the cardboard.

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