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Puzzles to make

coin Puzzles to make

You can find some puzzles in books and magazines you have at home, and you can buy some puzzles in stores. But sometimes it’s more fun to make your own puzzles. Can you make and do these square and triangle puzzles?

First, make four squares out of twelve toothpicks, like the ones in the picture. Then try to take away two toothpicks so that you have only two squares. Now make six squares with seventeen toothpicks. See Picture. Can you take away six toothpicks so that you have only two squares?

Make a triangle with ten coins of the same kind, placed like the circles in the picture. Can you move only three coins so that the triangle will be upside down—so that the point will point down instead of up?

This picture puzzle is made of many designs. How many squares, rectangles, triangles, pentagons, and circles can you find?

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