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Collecting on Land and Sea

Driftwood comes in many interesting shapes. When you collect it, smooth off the rough spots with a file or with sandpaper. If you wish, decorate the driftwood with sequins, seashells, or tacks.
Or make a mobile to swing from the ceiling. Put a screw eye in the wood, and tie a string to it. Have a grownup hang it from the ceiling for you.

You can find shells of all shapes, sizes, and colors on the beach or near a river. Some are fan-shaped, some are spiral-shaped, and others are shaped like trumpets. They may be gray, pink, or even purple.
Mount the shells on sheets of cardboard with tape or glue. Put sizes, shapes, colors, or kinds of shells together. Or make things out of your shells. Shells with holes in them can be strung for bracelets and necklaces. Large clamshells can be used for ash trays. Tiny shells can be glued to little boxes or to earring and pin frames, which you can buy at a dime store.

Rocks and Stones.
Rocks and stones are easy to find. Look for different kinds flat, round, smooth, rough, and bright-colored ones. Don’t pass up a rock or stone because it is covered with dirt. When it is washed and polished, it may be pretty.
Also, stones that look plain on the outside may be beautiful on the inside. Crack some of the stones in half with a hammer to see how they look on the inside.
Plain stones may look beautiful when they are in water. You can display these stones in a glass or jar of water.
Some people collect butterflies, moths, snail shells. Indian arrowheads, and samples of wood.

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