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Clown costumes for kids

In just a few minutes you can make yourself look like a circus clown.
Ask if you can use a pair of your father’s old pajamas and a pair of his old shoes. Put on the pajamas and step into the shoes. If someone ties strings around the bottom of the pajama pants, you will look more like a clown. Now you’re ready to make up your face to look like a clown.

• stocking (an old, white work sock is best)
• bits of yarn for hair
• string
• cold cream
• flour or bath powder
• lipstick and eyebrow pencil
• cork

Cut off the top of an old, white stocking. Tie a string around the cut end. Turn it inside out. Glue, staple, or sew bits of yarn to the stocking cap for hair. Put on the cap and tuck in your hair.

Ask mother for some cold cream and an old lipstick and eyebrow pencil.
Cover your face, neck, and ears with cold cream. Wipe off any extra cream. Pat on flour or bath powder.
Draw eyebrows, long eyelashes, a wide mouth, and red cheeks with the lipstick and the eyebrow pencil.
Mold a ball of clay for a nose.

You can dress as a tramp clown, too. Put on ragged or patched old clothes. Ask your mother to help you burn the end of a cork to mark up your face. When the cork cools, rub it over your face. Then draw other parts of the face with lipstick.
When you want to stop being a clown, use cold cream to take off your make-up.

Clowns do all kinds of silly things to make people laugh. They tumble, trip fall, slip, and slide in their big shoes anc baggy clothes. They do funny dances anc chase each other around the ring. Sometimes clowns play tricks on one another to get laughs.

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