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Stained glass the finished project

Applying Finishing Compound or Wax.
To keep solder seams bright and shiny and help prevent oxidization apply stained glass finishing compound or a quality car wax. Place a small portion of the liquid wax on a soft cloth and apply a thin layer over the solder seams. Avoid getting wax on heavily textured glass because it may be difficult to remove. Allow the wax to dry to a powdery consistency and buff the seams with a dry cloth until shiny. Use an old toothbrush along seams and crevices.
Maintaining the Finished Project.
Clean the project with ammonia-free commercial window cleaner. If the seams have been treated with patina, they can be touched up if the patina wears off. Solder seams left the natural silver color can be rewaxed if they appear tarnished.

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