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Craft ideas kids


Craft ideas kids

a large, round cereal carton
something to punch holes
Remove the lid from a round cereal carton. Just below the open end, punch a hole in the side of the carton. Punch another hole directly opposite the first. Run a string through the holes and tie the ends. You can now hang the box around your neck. Put the lid back on the carton.
If you wish, you can decorate the cereal box with poster paints. You can also tape the lid to the carton to keep it on.
Use clothespins for drumsticks.

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Pasta Bowl

Pasta Bowl

Your very special pasta creations deserve a bowl as fine as the one pictured here. The piece is easy to make with a majolica technique and you are sure to enjoy both making and using it.
Step 1 Clean the greenware bowl in the usual careful manner, then fire it to cone 03-02 (2014°/2048°F-11017H20°C).
Step 2 Use a 3A” oval glaze mop brush to apply 3 flowing coats of White Cloud dinnerware-approved glaze to the entire bisque bowl. Allow the piece to dry after each coat and to dry thoroughly after the final one.
Step 3 Using a #4 pointed round brush and the translucent colors for bisque from the materials list, write the names of different types of pasta on the inside and outside of the bowl. Apply 3 coats of each color for nice rich, deep tones.
Use a #6 pointed round brush to apply 3 coats of Just Froggy to the rim of the bowl.
Step 4 Fire the bowl to cone 06-05 (1830/1915°F-999/1046°C).
What You’ll Need:
■ Greenware pasta bowl.
■ Cleaning tools.
■ Sponge.
■ Brushes-3/*” oval glaze mop and #’s 4 & 6 pointed rounds.
■ White Cloud dinnerware-approved glaze.
■ Translucent colors for bisque-Toad-aly Green, Just Froggy, Salsa, Orange Ya Happy, Poo Bear, Moody Blue, and Blue Grass.

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