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How to apply copper foil

1 All pieces of glass must be clean and dry before being wrapped in copper foil or the adhesive backing will not stick to the edge of the glass.
2 Choose the backing and width of foil best suited for the project. Use regular foil (copper-backed foil) if seams are to be treated with copper patina, black-backed foil for black seams, and silver-backed foil for silver seams.
We often use black-backed foil regardless of the color of the seams because it gives the appearance of a shadow and is quite unnoticeable.
Copper foil is available in various widths-1/8 in to 12 in-the most commonly used are 3/16 in, 7/32 in, and 1/4 in. For most projects in this book, 7/32 in foil is required. When a single piece of glass varies greatly in thickness, use a wider foil and trim it evenly with a utility knife.
3 Peel 2 in to 3 in of the paper backing away from the foil and lightly grasp the foil between your thumb and index finger. The adhesive-covered side should be facing upward. With your writing hand, center the edge of the glass on the foil, leaving an equal amount of foil showing on either side of the piece. Fold the edges of the foil over and press firmly to the glass. Foiling should be started at a corner of the piece that will be positioned towards the center of the project.
4 Hold the glass piece in your writing hand, perpendicular to the work surface. See photographs. Press the foil onto the glass by sliding the middle
and ring fingers of your opposite hand along the edge. Let the foil slide through the thumb and index finger, automatically peeling the backing off the foil. You should have a clear view of both sides of the glass as the foil is being applied. Continue wrapping the foil around the entire piece, making sure to keep it centered.
5 Once the entire piece has been wrapped, cut the foil with a utility knife or scissors, overlapping the starting edge approximately 1/4 in. Crimp (fold and press) the edges of the foil onto the surface of the glass, using a lathekin or a piece of wooden doweling.
6 Burnish (press and rub) the foil firmly to the glass along the perimeter of the piece and the edges of the foil. This will ensure proper adhesion to the glass when heat is applied to the copper foil during the soldering stage.
Orange peelers, pencils and pens, popsicle sticks, can be used successfully to burnish foil.
7 Trim excess or overlap with a utility knife.

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