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Animal costumes for kids

Animal Heads and Tails.
You and your friends can dress to look like lions, tigers, and elephants. Wear leotards, pajamas, or coveralls, and put on animal heads and tails made from paper bags.

• large paper bags
• construction paper
• crepe paper
• tape
• glue
• ribbon
• rope
• black paint
• wrapping paper

Find a paper bag large enough to fit over your head. Cut out a heart shape in front for your face. See Picture.
Cut animal ears out of construction paper and glue them to the corners of the bag.
Cut strips of paper for whiskers. Glue them in place.
Make the tail by wrapping crepe paper around a piece of clothesline. Pin the tail to the back of your clothes.
A lion’s mane can be made by pasting strips of wrapping paper around the sides and back of the paper head.
To make a tiger’s head, paint black stripes on the bag.
Make an elephant’s trunk by wrapping crepe paper around the thick rope. Or “cut two long crepe paper strips, about twice as wide as you want the trunk to be. Glue the sides and ends together, leaving one end open to stuff with cut-up pieces of paper. Glue the trunk to the bag. Cut tusks out of cardboard. Add big floppy elephant ears cut out of construction paper.

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