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Collecting things of beauty

Cords, braids, and ribbons come in all kinds of beautiful soft materials. There are satins, velvets, rayons, and silks all in pretty colors. Try to find many different kinds of colors of materials for your collection.
You can display the collection on sheets of cardboard. Make a picture with your collection by framing the cardboard with heavy braid or cord. Then arrange the pieces of ribbon in a fancy design and pin them to the cardboard.

Tiny pieces of lace and cloth left over from sewing are nice to collect.
Paste your collection on sheets of cardboard or in a scrapbook. Cover the page or sheet with cellophane to keep the collection fresh and clean. You can arrange the items in your collection according to size, material, or color. Or you can display your lace collection on a piece of velvet or dark cloth.
You can also use your collection to make pictures that you can feel, called “collages.” A collage can be used for a scrapbook cover or as a picture for the wall.

You can start a collection with the buttons and buckles you find around your home. Buttons and buckles may be round, square, or oblong, gold, silver, or colored, large, small, plain, or fancy. You may want to collect only one kind of button or buckle, for example, only square-shaped buttons or buckles.
You can make a display of your collection by putting the buttons and buckles into little matchboxes that have been glued in shoebox lids. As your collection grows, you can mount it on sheets of cardboard. Put all the buttons of one color or shape on a separate sheet.

Many things your mother buys come in bottles. When the bottles are empty, use the most interesting ones for a bottle collection. Be sure to wash out the bottles and scrape off the labels. You can paint designs on the bottles or glue tiny seashells or beads on them.
Arrange your collection on a shelf or a window sill so everyone can see them.
Other beautiful things you can collect are old jewelry, hat feathers and plumes, figurines, plates and pitchers, glassware, and hand-painted fans.

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