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Build your own log cabin

Log cabin.

With a pencil, many sheets of paper, four pins, and paste you can make a pioneer log cabin.
Roll a sheet of notebook-size paper into a tube around a pencil, to make each log of the cabin. Paste the end of the paper to hold it in place. Pull out the pencil.
Build a cabin by stacking logs on top of each other. Paste in place.
Roll shorter logs, or cut down larger ones, to make peaks for the roof. Paste in place.
Use a large sheet of paper for the roof. Fold it in half.
Stick pins in the corners to hold the roof in place.

Use another large sheet of paper for the chimney. It should be wider than the cabin is high. Fold on the dotted lines.

Paste Y to X as shown.
Cut out overhang on one end of the roof, and paste the chimney to the end of the house. Cut out doors and windows after the paste is dry. Or paste paper doors and windows to the side of the cabin.

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