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Sew a clown out of cloth

A clown out of cloth.

• a piece of an old sheet or a soft cotton cloth
• a piece of colored cloth for ruffles
• paper for pattern
• buttons
• cotton for stuffing
• crayons
• yarn for hair and face
• a needle and thread

Draw a paper pattern for the clown body like the one on this page, but much larger. Cut it out. Pin the pattern to two layers of cloth and cut around it. Using a short stitch, start to sew the pieces together from Point A. Stop sewing at B.
This will leave an opening at the top of the head for stuffing. Look at the pattern picture.
Turn the clown body inside out so that the seams are inside. Stuff the clown with cotton.
Pack the stuffing into the arms and legs by pushing it in carefully with a pencil. Sew up the opening at the top of the head, using the overhand stitch.

Color the cheeks, the chin, and the forehead with crayon, if you wish.
Sew short pieces of yarn on the head for hair. You can also use strips of cloth for hair.
For ruffles, cut five strips of cloth, each about three inches wide. Fold, and stitch the edges together.
Pull the thread until the cloth bunches up. Sew the ruffles around the clown’s neck, arms, and legs. Sew buttons in a line down the clown’s front.

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Creative halloween costumes for kids


• paper bag
• black poster paint
• pipe cleaners
• black con struction paper
• black crepe paper
• clothesline

Use a paper bag large enough to fit over your head. Paint it black.
Cut holes in the bag for the eyes.
Cut pointed ears from construction paper and glue them to the bag.
Punch holes in front of the bag and stick pipe cleaners through them to make whiskers. Tape the pipe cleaners in place.
Make the tail by wrapping crepe paper around a piece of clothesline. Pin the tail to the back of your clothes.

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Cut inside curves stained glass

Cutting Inside Curves.
Inside curves are the most difficult cuts to score and break out successfully. Attempt the most difficult cut of a piece first, before cutting the piece away from the large sheet of glass.
1 Trace pattern B (pl9) onto the glass. Position the outer edges of the curve so they align with the edge of the glass.
2 Score the inside curve of the pattern piece but do not attempt to break it out at this time.
3 Make several smaller concave score lines (scallops) between the initial score line and the outside edge of the glass.
4 Using breaker or combination pliers, start removing the scallops, one at a time, beginning with the one closest to the edge of the glass. Use a pulling action with the pliers rather than a downward motion. Remember to position the jaws of the pliers at either end of the score line and not in the middle.
5 Continue to break away the scallops until you reach the initial score line. Remove it and proceed to score and break away the pattern piece from the large piece.
The tapping method of running a score line can be used, with care, to break out stubborn pieces.

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Sarava Resto Bar and Garden is a restaurant

Sarava Resto Bar and Garden is a wonderful hidden gem of a restaurant hidden away in Jose Ignacio that is a must to visit if you go to Uruguay.
Please visit restaurant punta del este.
A cool, elegant yet rustic space located in the gastronimical zone of Arenas of Jose Ignacio, Punta del Este, Uruguay. Sarava is situated in the sand dunes and forest a few metres from Laguna Escondida, the menu has an exquisite combination of Italian, French and Basque cuisine. Bilingual staff will also be serving a selection of some of the best wines South America has to offer.
Great care has been taken with the lighting at Sarava to provide a soft cool ambience, and with both local and international DJs playing a mix of downtempo, chillout and deep house throughout the night. After dinner you can enjoy an evening under the stars next to the fire in the Bar Garden. This year will be the third season and there have been many improvements to the ambience, garden and menu. If you are looking for a night out in Jose Ignacio, Sarava Resto Bar and Garden is the place to be and to be seen.
A nice mix of European and Latin clientele frequent the restaurant, and the events and parties that are held during the summer are not to be missed under any circumstances.
Sarava Resto Bar and Garden can be found on Ruta 10, KM 185 on the road to Laguna Garzon. Head past the roundabout for Jose Ignacio towards Laguna Garzon, and five minutes up the coast road turn left when at the marker for KM 185. Follow the road into the woods and you will find Sarava on the left tucked away in the pine trees on the sand for a night you will not forget. Sarava!

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