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Magic tricks for children

Ghost writing.
Tell your friends that you can make writing mysteriously appear between two pieces of cardboard that are tied together.

1. Place two pieces of cardboard, a black crayon, and some string on a table. Have everyone examine the cardboard pieces to see that there is no writing.
2. Tie the two pieces together. Place the cardboard package and crayon on the table. Turn out the lights.
3. Quietly pick up the crayon and write a message on the top card, such as “Guess who?” or “Boo!” Then turn the cards over so the message is face down. Ask someone to turn on the lights.
4. Untie the string, being careful not to let anyone turn over the cards. Everyone will expect the writing to be on the inside of the cardboard, so open the cards like a book. Look disappointed because there is no writing, and suggest that you be allowed to try again.
5. Tie the cardboard pieces together again, making sure that the card you wrote on is on top of the other card. Ask everyone to write his initials on the outside card to show that the cards aren’t switched.
6. After a minute, turn on the lights, and ask someone to open the cardboard package. Your friends will be surprised to see the ghost writing on the inside.

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Easy prediction tricks


Write the number 1089 on a piece of paper and give it to a friend to hold. Then ask him to write a three-figure number with each figure different, such as 421. Under this number ask him to write the same number backwards 124. Now ask him to subtract the smaller number from the larger one (421 -124). Then ask him to turn the answer backwards and add this number to the answer (297+792).
He will be surprised to find that the answer is 1089, the number on the paper he is holding.

Here are some examples:

421 312 (any three-figure number that has three different figures)
-124 -213 (above number turned backwards)
297 099 (smaller number subtracted from the larger number)
+792 +990 (above number turned backwards)
1089 1089 (the predicted answer)

If your answer (like the 99 above) should have only two figures, add a zero to make three figures (099).


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Math tricks with numbers

Here’s a way to find out the month of a person’s birthday and his age.

Give a friend a piece of paper and tell him not to let you see what he writes except for the final answer.
Ask him to write the number of the month of his birthday, such as 1 for January, 2 for February, 3 for March, and so on up to 12 for December. Then ask him to multiply the number of his birth month by 2 and add 5 to his answer. Next have him multiply his last answer by 50, and add his age. To this total have him add 115, and subtract 365 (the number of days in a year). He is to tell you his answer. The first number will be the month of his birthday and the last will be his age.
For example, a person who is 10 years old and whose birthday is in March would do this:

Multiply 3 (for
March) by 2 6
Add 5 +5 11
Multiply by 50 X50

Add his age (10) 10

Add 115 115

Subtract 365 -365

3-month, 10-age
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How to learn magic tricks

Place some cards in a circle. Put a tail of cards at the bottom of the circle, as shown in the picture. Ask a friend to choose a number and to count it off to himself on the circle of cards just the way you tell him. When he is through, surprise him by telling him which card he counted last.
The secret fs that no matter what number he uses he will always land on the same card. He should first count to his number around the left side of the circle, and then count to it again around to the right side.
For example, suppose he chooses the number 8. He will count from the bottom card to the eighth card in the circle. Then he counts back to the right until he comes to the eighth card.
To find the card his number will fall on, you simply count to yourself the number of cards in the tail under the circle, and then count the same number of cards inside the circle to the right. Both of you will stop on the same card.

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Learn tricks with cards

A friend chooses a card from the deck, but does not show it to you before he puts it back. You shuffle the cards and then pull his card out of the deck, much to his surprise.

Let a friend pick a card from the deck. Tell him to remember what card it was, but not to show it to you.
While he is looking at his card, quickly glance at the bottom card of the deck.
Now have him put his card on top of the deck.. Take the card from the bottom and place it on top of his card.
Shuffle the cards as many times as you wish, but always shuffle so the two top cards remain on top of the deck. You will be able to do this easily with practice.
Now divide the deck in two parts, and put the bottom part on top of the deck.
You can now go through the deck, card by card, to find his card. You will know his card when you reach it because it will be right after your card.

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How to do coin tricks

Double Your Money.
Rub a penny in your hand and suddenly two pennies appear!

The secret is to have two pennies before you beg: the trick. Start by reaching into your pocket with your right hand and removing the pennies. Hold one between your thumb and second finger and hide the other between your first and second fingers. See Picture.
Show your friends the penny between your thumb and second finger by tossing it back and forth in your palm. See Picture.
Now tell your friends that the magic penny will soon multiply into two pennies. Lay it on the palm of your left hand and rub it a few times with your right hand. As you rub, let the second penny drop from between your fingers into your palm. Open your hand to show the two pennies. See Picture.
Practice this trick a few times before you show it.

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Simple coin tricks

The Magic Eye.
Announce to your friends that you can “see” the date on a coin even though it is covered with paper.

Ask someone to place a coin face up on the table and cover it with a paper. Rub a pencil back and forth across the coin. The date will show plainly.

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Pick a penny trick

Pick a Penny.
Pick a marked penny from a group of pennies in a hat without looking.

Borrow a penny from one of your friends and mark it with a pencil so everyone will recognize it. Ask someone to hold the penny in his hand to “magnetize” it. Then drop the penny into a hat or a box with four or five other pennies.
Reach into the hat or box and remove the pennies one at a time without looking at them. You will be able to tell the “magnetized” penny at once because it will be warm from being held in the person’s hand.

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The vanishing salt shaker trick

Pretend to make a coin disappear, but make a salt shaker disappear instead!

Lay a coin on the table, and place a salt shaker over it. Cover the shaker with a paper napkin. Announce that you are going to knock the coin through the table.
Hold the napkin around the salt shaker and tap the top of it. Then lift the shaker—the coin is still there. Set the shaker back over the coin, and tap again. The napkin falls flat. The salt shaker is gone!
The success of this trick depends on making everyone think the coin is going to disappear. They will watch the coin, not the shaker.
When you place the napkin over the salt shaker, crush it down tightly so that it takes the shape of the shaker. After the first tap, lift the shaker and lean forward to look at the coin. At the same time, bring the shaker toward the edge of the table. Touch the coin with your left hand while you let the shaker fall out of your right hand into your lap. Then replace the napkin on the table carefully so it still keeps the shape of the salt shaker. Tap the shaker for the second time, and it falls flat.
Pretend to be as puzzled as everyone else. Shake the napkin and look around for the salt shaker. Have everyone look for the shaker before you finally set it on the table.
Practice this trick a few times beforehand so you can do it easily.

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Dinner-table magic trick

Announce that you are going to “hypnotize” a fruit seed to follow your orders. Tell the seed to rise in a glass of ginger ale, and it rises. Tell it to sink, and it goes to the bottom.

Drop an apple or a grape seed into a glass of ginger ale or soda water. The seed first sinks because of its weight. Then it rises when soda bubbles form on it. When it comes to the top of the glass, the bubbles burst, and it sinks again. Then more bubbles form around the seed, and it rises again.
Try this trick beforehand so you will know how long it takes for the seed to rise and sink.

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