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Childrens dress up costumes

Dress-up costumes.
It s fun to dress up in mother’s or dad’s old clothes.
You can dress up as an old man, an old woman, a clown, a tramp, a pirate, an Indian, or a cowboy, depending on the clothes you have. The pictures on this page will give you some ideas.
Choose old clothes like these:
Suits, shoes, belts, robes, gloves, pajamas, handbags, neckties, dresses, hats, gowns, umbrellas, jewelry, coats, scarfs.

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Cheap halloween costumes for kids


• construction paper, cardboard, or crepe paper.
• string or cord.

Fold a sheet of construction paper in half. Draw a half circle on the paper, as in the picture.
Cut around the circle. Then cut an eyehole in the folded mask Punch a hole near the edge for the string.
Unfold the mask. Tie string through the holes. Or staple the ends of a long rubber band to the mask.
Decorate the mask with poster paints and bits of construction paper.

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Halloween costumes for kids

Ask your mother for an old sheet or a tablecloth. Cut two round holes for eyes, and your costume is ready to wear.

• 2 pieces of cardboard or 2 large sheets of construction paper.
• black poster paint.
• tape.
Cut out a large circle from cardboard. The larger the circle, the higher the hat will be. Cut a slit up to the middle of the circle, as in the picture. Shape the circle into a cone, and tape the ends together.
Place the bottom of the cone on another piece of cardboard and trace around it. Then draw a larger circle around the first one. See Picture. Cut out the circles, and you have a brim for the hat. Tape the brim to the bottom of the cone.
Paint the hat with black poster paint.

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Clown costumes for kids

In just a few minutes you can make yourself look like a circus clown.
Ask if you can use a pair of your father’s old pajamas and a pair of his old shoes. Put on the pajamas and step into the shoes. If someone ties strings around the bottom of the pajama pants, you will look more like a clown. Now you’re ready to make up your face to look like a clown.

• stocking (an old, white work sock is best)
• bits of yarn for hair
• string
• cold cream
• flour or bath powder
• lipstick and eyebrow pencil
• cork

Cut off the top of an old, white stocking. Tie a string around the cut end. Turn it inside out. Glue, staple, or sew bits of yarn to the stocking cap for hair. Put on the cap and tuck in your hair.

Ask mother for some cold cream and an old lipstick and eyebrow pencil.
Cover your face, neck, and ears with cold cream. Wipe off any extra cream. Pat on flour or bath powder.
Draw eyebrows, long eyelashes, a wide mouth, and red cheeks with the lipstick and the eyebrow pencil.
Mold a ball of clay for a nose.

You can dress as a tramp clown, too. Put on ragged or patched old clothes. Ask your mother to help you burn the end of a cork to mark up your face. When the cork cools, rub it over your face. Then draw other parts of the face with lipstick.
When you want to stop being a clown, use cold cream to take off your make-up.

Clowns do all kinds of silly things to make people laugh. They tumble, trip fall, slip, and slide in their big shoes anc baggy clothes. They do funny dances anc chase each other around the ring. Sometimes clowns play tricks on one another to get laughs.

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Animal costumes for kids

Animal Heads and Tails.
You and your friends can dress to look like lions, tigers, and elephants. Wear leotards, pajamas, or coveralls, and put on animal heads and tails made from paper bags.

• large paper bags
• construction paper
• crepe paper
• tape
• glue
• ribbon
• rope
• black paint
• wrapping paper

Find a paper bag large enough to fit over your head. Cut out a heart shape in front for your face. See Picture.
Cut animal ears out of construction paper and glue them to the corners of the bag.
Cut strips of paper for whiskers. Glue them in place.
Make the tail by wrapping crepe paper around a piece of clothesline. Pin the tail to the back of your clothes.
A lion’s mane can be made by pasting strips of wrapping paper around the sides and back of the paper head.
To make a tiger’s head, paint black stripes on the bag.
Make an elephant’s trunk by wrapping crepe paper around the thick rope. Or “cut two long crepe paper strips, about twice as wide as you want the trunk to be. Glue the sides and ends together, leaving one end open to stuff with cut-up pieces of paper. Glue the trunk to the bag. Cut tusks out of cardboard. Add big floppy elephant ears cut out of construction paper.

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Marching band costume for kids

Band Costume.
• red crepe paper
• cardboard
• construction paper
• tape

Cut three strips, each about as wide as your hand, from an unopened package of crepe paper.
Pin two of the strips, crisscrossed, to your blouse or shirt. Save the other strip.
Make a tube out of construction paper for the hat. It should be large enough to fit on your head. Tape the ends together.
For the feather, cut a piece of cardboard about two fingers wide and a little longer than the hat. Cut slits along the edge of your third crepe-paper strip. Wrap the strip around the cardboard.

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Circus costumes for kids

Circus costumes.
• 2 pieces of cardboard
• tape
• black paint
• black crepe paper
• string and a stick for the whip

For the ringmaster’s hat, make a tube out of cardboard wide enough to fit around your head. Tape the ends together.
Stand the tube on another piece of cardboard and draw around it to make a circle. Draw another larger circle around the first one.
Cut out each circle. Tape the small circle to one end of the tube for the top of the hat. Then tape the large circle to the other end for a brim.
Cut a bow tie out of black crepe paper.

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Childrens character costumes

Character Costumes.
Character costumes are easy to make. Just put on a piece of clothing and carry a cane or stick and you have a costume for a play, a show, or just for fun.
Here are some things you can use for character costumes.
Baggy clothes: old man, beggar, tramp, clown.
Ragged clothes: pirate, clown, tramp, beggar.
Long dress: old woman, dancer, gypsy, witch.
Shirt worn backwards: doctor, druggist, barber, artist.
Floppy hat: old man, old woman, tramp, beggar.
Saucepan on head: soldier, knight, spaceman.
Straw hat: farmer, country boy, country girl.
Scarf: old woman, gypsy, cowboy, farmer, pirate.
Towel cape: Robin Hood, knight Crepe-paper cape: queen, fairy princess Umbrella: old man, old woman, clown Cane: old man, old woman, beggar Toy pistol: cowboy, pirate, soldier, spaceman.
Bow and arrows: Robin Hood, Indian Hoop earrings: pirate, gypsy Lipstick: Indian warpaint, clown make-up Cotton for beard or hair: old man, tramp, beggar.

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Pantomimes for children

You can have a shadow show if you use a sheet and a bright lamp. Have someone hang the sheet over a doorway. Place the lamp behind the sheet. See Picture.
When the actors move around between the sheet and the light, their shadows show on the sheet. Someone might tell a story or play a record during the show. The actors can wear hats that make different-shaped shadows on the sheet.

If you know some magic tricks, you can put on a magic show for your friends. You will find some magic tricks on pages.

Everyone can have an act in a variety show. And it can be almost any kind of act. Someone can sing a song. Someone else can do a tap dance.

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Childrens pantomime

The actors in a pantomime show do not talk. They act out a story with hand, face, and body movements.
You can make a whole pantomime show about a little old man who has lost something. Have the actor look through his pockets, inside his hat, around the room even on the floor under the seats of the people watching the show.
Or have a show with someone acting out a funny story without using words. You might play reccfds during the show and have the actor pretend to be singing or telling the story.

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