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How to grow peas


• a blotter.
• a drinking glass.
• peas, beans, or radish seeds.

Soak the seeds in water overnight.
Wet a blotter and line the inside of a glass with it. See Picture.
Poke the seeds down between the glass and the blotter.
Put four or five tablespoons of water into the glass each day to keep the blotter wet. Watch the roots, stems, and little leaves grow from the seeds.

Drop five or six seeds on top of the soil in each carton. Sprinkle water on them every day. Some of the seeds will grow big and strong. Pull out the plants that do not grow well and throw them away. This gives the strong ones more room to grow.

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Paper dolls online


Here are two paper dolls you can dress.
Trace them on thin paper and paste the tracings on cardboard before you color them and cut them out.
It’s easy to make clothes for the dolls. You can either trace the ones pictured here, or you can design your own. If you make your own, draw around the doll to get the right size.
Color the clothes. If you wish, you can decorate them by pasting on bits of lace and shiny paper.

Be sure you put tabs on all the clothes to hold them to the dolls.
You might like to draw dolls of your own. It is easiest to design clothes for paper dolls when their arms and legs stick straight out from their bodies.

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How to make a six point star

Snowf lake.

These steps make a six-pointed star. When you cut diamonds from the edges of the folded star, you make a design like a snowflake. Start with a square sheet of paper.

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How to make paper beads

Paper Beads.
Beads made from colored paper are attractive. You need colored paper, a piece of wire, and glue. Shellac the finished beads to make them hard.

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Free craft paper

Five-Pointed Star.
To cut out a five-pointed star, just follow these steps. Start with a square sheet of paper. Fold it in half.

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How to make a spool tractor

Spool Tractor.

• an empty spool
• a small piece of soap
• a wooden matchstick
• a rubber band for the
• a small nail motor

Spool tractors are easy to make and fun to play with. They roll by themselves and will even climb over the bumps on your bed.
Cut notches around the ends of the spool.
Hammer a small nail into the spool at one end.
Put a rubber band through the hole in the spool and hook one end of the band over the nail.
Cut a small piece of soap about as thick as a nickel. Make a hole in it so the rubber band will go through it.
Put the rubber band through the piece of soap, and slip a long matchstick through the loop.
Turn the matchstick around and around to wind up the rubber-band motor. Set the spool down on your bed or tabletop and watch it go.

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How to make a scrapbook album


A good way to spend the time while you get well is to make a scrapbook or diary of special things that happen while you are in bed. Collect clippings from magazines and newspapers in a scrapbook, or write a story and draw pictures to go with it.

Use two sides of a soap-flakes box or two pieces of cardboard about the size of this page for covers. Paste paper over the cardboard and decorate it.
Cut sheets of paper for the pages of the book. They should be the size of the cardboard covers.
Punch holes along the side of the pages and the cardboard covers. Tie a ribbon through the holes as shown.

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Games to play and things to do when you have to stay in bed

Fun for the shut-in.

A cabin made of paper logs, a spool that rolls up a ramp, and a snowstorm in a bottle are some of the kinds of games to play and things to do when you have to stay in bed.

If you have to stay in bed, you can make a playtable from a long board.
Ask your father or mother to set it up for you. A smooth board, such as a leaf from a dining room table, should rest on two chairs, one on each side of the bed.

Stack three small cardboard boxes of the same size side by side on top of each other. Fasten them together with masking tape or brown mailing tape. You can paint or decorate the top and sides with wall paper, pictures from magazines, or pieces of colored paper. The bottom shelf holds toys. Put flat things such as paper, coloring books, and cardboard on the middle shelf. On the top shelf you can put a fun tray (see below).

A dress box, or a shallow cardboard box, can be made into a tray to hold things you want to play with. Put little cardboard boxes into it. Fill each little box with play materials like these: soda straws, pipe cleaners, yarn, star stickers, spools, wooden clothespins, crayons, paste, pencil, pieces of cloth, and ribbons. In one corner tie a bell to ring when you need mother.

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Indoor gardens

You can grow a garden in your own room and have fun watching it grow.

Vegetables can make a pretty water garden. Carrots and horseradishes grow well in water. Sweet potatoes grow long, trailing vines.
Lay a large sweet potato in a shallow dish and pour in enough water to half-cover it. Cut a few inches from the tops of carrots and horseradishes and set them in the water. See Picture.
Set your garden in or near a large window. Check the water every few days to make sure that there is enough.

Grow a tiny hothouse garden in a fish tank, or glass jar. Use glass for a cover.
Put a layer of charcoal in the bottom of the bowl or tank. Then add a layer of pebbles, and then a layer of soil.
Dig up some little plants to put in your garden. Leave a little ball of soil around the roots. Mosses, ferns, and lichens will grow well in a hothouse garden. Or you may buy some tiny plants.
Arrange the plants in the soil and sprinkle with water. Put a little piece of cardboard on the rim of the bowl to hold the top glass up so air can get in. See Picture. Then place the piece of glass over the bowl.

Set your hothouse garden near a sunny window. Sprinkle the garden every week. The water will rise up from the plants and stick on the top glass. Then it will fall on the plants like raindrops.

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How to raise a pet

Raising Pets.

Before you choose a pet, find out what the pet eats, how much room it needs to play, and whether it should live indoors or outdoors.

Dogs and puppies.
When you get a dog for a pet, you must feed it and take care of it.

Food: Puppies should be fed lots of milk, cereal, and crumbled bread, three or four times a day. Older dogs need canned dog food, cereal, and milk, once or twice a day. Always keep fresh water in a pan near the place where you feed your dog.

Shelter: If your dog lives indoors, make him a bed by putting shredded paper or a blanket in a cardboard box. Dogs that live outdoors need a doghouse.

Training: Start teaching your puppy tricks while he is young. Teach him only one trick at a time and have him do it over and over. When he does the trick correctly, reward him with a puppy treat.

Cats and kittens.

Taking care of cats is easy. They wash themselves every day and eat almost any food.

Food: Cats like to drink milk and cream, but they need to be fed fish, beef, liver, and other kinds of meat.

Shelter: Cats need a clean, dry bed at night. You can use a basket or a cardboard box for your cat’s bed.

Training: Cats like to play with a rubber ball or chase a string. They also like to hook their claws into sofas and chairs. You can make a scratching post for your cat by wrapping an old piece of carpeting around a soft piece of wood, Sprinkle the scratching post with mint or catnip, which cats like to smell.


Hamsters make interesting pets, but they need more care than dogs or cats.
Food: Hamsters like different things to eat, such as carrots, lettuce, celery, …. bread, dog biscuit, grain, or guinea pig food. They need fresh water every day.

Shelter: Hamsters need metal cages because they can chew through wood. The bottom of the cage should be filled with cedar chips, sawdust, wood shavings, or excelsior for the hamster’s nest and hiding place for food. The cages should be scrubbed every week.
Hamsters bite when they are frightened, so be careful when you handle them. It is best to wear gloves.

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