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How to make paper rings

2 How to make paper rings


How many paper rings do you think you would have if you cut one paper ring in half? One? Two?
Cut a strip of paper about one inch wide and about as long as two rulers. Loop the strip into a ring. Give the strip a half twist before pasting the ends of the strip together. See Picture.

Poke a hole in the middle of the strip with scissors. Start to cut along the middle of the strip. Be sure to follow the curve of the paper. When you get back to the starting point, what do you have? Not two rings as you thought you’d have. You have one big ring, instead!

You know what happens when you cut a mystery ring. What do you think will happen if you try to color one side red and the other side green?
Make another mystery ring. Start coloring one side red. Keep coloring until you get back to where you started, so that you know one side of the paper ring is red.
Now, you’re ready to color the other side green. But, what happened? You have no place to color it green. That is because the mystery ring seems to have only one side. This seemingly one-sided ring is called a Mobius strip.

Make another Mobius strip. But this time cut it in thirds. You’ll get another surprise!

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Puzzles to make

coin Puzzles to make

You can find some puzzles in books and magazines you have at home, and you can buy some puzzles in stores. But sometimes it’s more fun to make your own puzzles. Can you make and do these square and triangle puzzles?

First, make four squares out of twelve toothpicks, like the ones in the picture. Then try to take away two toothpicks so that you have only two squares. Now make six squares with seventeen toothpicks. See Picture. Can you take away six toothpicks so that you have only two squares?

Make a triangle with ten coins of the same kind, placed like the circles in the picture. Can you move only three coins so that the triangle will be upside down—so that the point will point down instead of up?

This picture puzzle is made of many designs. How many squares, rectangles, triangles, pentagons, and circles can you find?

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Kids puzzles

crossword Kids puzzles

There are crossword puzzles and jigsaw puzzles, number puzzles, and letter puzzles. Now here are some puzzles with triangles, rectangles, squares, and circles. Use tracing paper and see how many of them you can do.

Can you trace these triangles without going over a line, and without lifting your pencil from the paper?

This puzzle looks like an open envelope with the flap up. Can you trace the drawing without going over a line more than once, and without lifting your pencil from the paper?

Can you trace the circle and half moons without lifting your pencil from the paper?

A farmer left a plot of land to four sons. The plot was shaped like this:
Can you divide this plot of land so that each son would have a plot of land the same size and the same shape?

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Shapes and designs

The shape of things.

Some shapes and designs are as flat as a sheet of paper. Others are as thick as a telephone pole. You see flat designs and thick designs everywhere. The next pages show you some of the things you can make and do with many kinds of shapes and designs.

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How to make a yarn doll

Yarn Doll.

• yarn
• cardboard

Yarn dolls are easy to make and fun to play with. You can make them any size you wish.
Wrap yarn around a piece of cardboard. The cardboard should be as long as you want the doll to be. Cut the strands at one end.
The end where the strands are not cut will be the doll’s head. Tie a piece of yarn around the neck.
Divide the strands for the two arms. Cut the ends to make them shorter than the rest of the strands.
Tie pieces of yarn at the end of the arms and body.
Divide the strands for the legs, and tie pieces of yarn around the feet.

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Beanbag toss game


Tie strings to several rubber jar rings or to the corners of bean-bags.
Toss the rings or beanbags to make a score, and pull on the strings to get them back to your bed.

If you are playing with the rings, stick several large nails all the way through a heavy sheet of cardboard. Print numbers by the nails. Stand the board at the end of your bed, and toss the rings at the nails to make a score.

If you are playing with beanbags, place several boxes or waste-paper baskets on the floor close to your bed. Make your score by trying to toss the beanbags into the boxes.

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Baseball games for kids



• a large sheet of cardboard
• crayons
• a paper fastener

Cut a large square from a sheet of cardboard.
With crayons, draw a baseball diamond on it like the one in the picture. Mark the home plate and the three bases. Outside the baselines print home run, ball, double, out, triple, strike, single, as shown. In the center of the diamond draw a pitcher’s mound.
From the left-over cardboard cut a spinner shaped like a baseball bat or like an arrow. See Picture.

Poke a hole through the center of the spinner and through the center of the pitcher’s mound. Attach the spinner to the pitcher’s mound with a paper fastener. Be sure it can spin easily.
Follow regular baseball rules when you play. If you play by yourself, spin for both teams.

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Secret messages for kids


You can write all kinds of secret messages that won’t show on paper. Only those persons who know how to make the writing appear will be able to read them. Write your message in milk, lemon juice, or onion juice. You can write it with a thin brush or a clean pen on any kind of paper.
When the milk or juice dries it will not show, and the paper will look blank. The message will show if you hold it over a warm radiator or light bulb.

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Crafts for kids bedrooms


• 2 empty toilet-paper rolls
• 2 rubber bands
• wax paper
• heavy thread
• an old wax candle
• 2 toothpicks

Stretch a piece of wax paper over one end of each toilet-paper roll. Hold it tightly in place with a rubber band.
Rub some thread with an old wax candle so that it is covered with wax.

Poke a hole in the middle of the wax paper on one of the rolls. Push one end of the thread through the hole. Tie a toothpick to it. The toothpick will keep it from pulling out of the hole. See Picture. Attach the other end of the thread to the other roll in the same way.

Pull the thread tight and your intercom is ready to use. You speak into one end, and somebody else listens at the other end. When he speaks, you listen. It works well when the thread is stretched out straight and is not touching anything.
Stretch the thread from one room to another.

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Customized snow globes

Watch it snow.

• a glass jar with a screw-on lid.
• 2 tablespoons of moth flakes.
• waterproof cement.
• a little china statue.

Cement a china statue to the inside of a jar lid and let it dry overnight. If you have no china figure, make a little doll or snowman by cementing buttons, spools, and beads together.
Fill the jar with water, almost to the top. Put moth flakes into the water.
Put cement inside the lid, where it screws on, and screw the lid to the jar tightly. Let it dry for a day.
Shake the jar and watch it “snow.”

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