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Window-sill garden


• cottage-cheese cartons
• seeds from apples, oranges, melons, pumpkins, or squash
• pebbles
• soil
• moss or charcoal (your mother can get them at a dime store)

Poke a hole in the bottom of each cottage-cheese carton. The hole will let excess water drain off. Set the cartons on saucers.
Put pebbles in the bottom of each carton. Put a layer of moss or charcoal over the pebbles. Fill the rest with soil.

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Collecting on Land and Sea

Driftwood comes in many interesting shapes. When you collect it, smooth off the rough spots with a file or with sandpaper. If you wish, decorate the driftwood with sequins, seashells, or tacks.
Or make a mobile to swing from the ceiling. Put a screw eye in the wood, and tie a string to it. Have a grownup hang it from the ceiling for you.

You can find shells of all shapes, sizes, and colors on the beach or near a river. Some are fan-shaped, some are spiral-shaped, and others are shaped like trumpets. They may be gray, pink, or even purple.
Mount the shells on sheets of cardboard with tape or glue. Put sizes, shapes, colors, or kinds of shells together. Or make things out of your shells. Shells with holes in them can be strung for bracelets and necklaces. Large clamshells can be used for ash trays. Tiny shells can be glued to little boxes or to earring and pin frames, which you can buy at a dime store.

Rocks and Stones.
Rocks and stones are easy to find. Look for different kinds flat, round, smooth, rough, and bright-colored ones. Don’t pass up a rock or stone because it is covered with dirt. When it is washed and polished, it may be pretty.
Also, stones that look plain on the outside may be beautiful on the inside. Crack some of the stones in half with a hammer to see how they look on the inside.
Plain stones may look beautiful when they are in water. You can display these stones in a glass or jar of water.
Some people collect butterflies, moths, snail shells. Indian arrowheads, and samples of wood.

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Nature collections

There are many kinds of leaves. You may want to collect only one kind at a time. Start by collecting broad leaves, or narrow leaves, or autumn leaves. Some people collect green leaves in the summer, and hunt for the same kinds of leaves in the fall when they have changed colors.
When you gather leaves, take only the ones with stems attached. Your leaves will keep their color for a long time if you place each leaf on a newspaper, cover it with a sheet of wax paper, and press it with a hot iron.
Or press the leaf between the pages of a big book. When the leaf becomes flat and crisp, paste it in a leaf scrapbook.

If you live near cool, damp woods, you can start a collection of ferns. Some fern leaves are shaped like hearts, and others are long and narrow.
Ferns should be placed on a newspaper, covered with wax paper, and pressed with a hot iron before they are pasted in a fern scrapbook. Ferns will stay pretty a long time if you cover each page with a sheet of cellophane paper.

Place each flower between two sheets of newspaper before putting it into a big book. The newspaper will soak up the water from the flower so it won’t become moldy. Change the paper several times until the flower is flat and dry. Then tape the flower in your flower scrapbook and cover it with cellophane.
Other things you can collect from the woods or fields are seeds, acorns, bark from trees, and even birds’ nests.

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Collecting things of beauty

Cords, braids, and ribbons come in all kinds of beautiful soft materials. There are satins, velvets, rayons, and silks all in pretty colors. Try to find many different kinds of colors of materials for your collection.
You can display the collection on sheets of cardboard. Make a picture with your collection by framing the cardboard with heavy braid or cord. Then arrange the pieces of ribbon in a fancy design and pin them to the cardboard.

Tiny pieces of lace and cloth left over from sewing are nice to collect.
Paste your collection on sheets of cardboard or in a scrapbook. Cover the page or sheet with cellophane to keep the collection fresh and clean. You can arrange the items in your collection according to size, material, or color. Or you can display your lace collection on a piece of velvet or dark cloth.
You can also use your collection to make pictures that you can feel, called “collages.” A collage can be used for a scrapbook cover or as a picture for the wall.

You can start a collection with the buttons and buckles you find around your home. Buttons and buckles may be round, square, or oblong, gold, silver, or colored, large, small, plain, or fancy. You may want to collect only one kind of button or buckle, for example, only square-shaped buttons or buckles.
You can make a display of your collection by putting the buttons and buckles into little matchboxes that have been glued in shoebox lids. As your collection grows, you can mount it on sheets of cardboard. Put all the buttons of one color or shape on a separate sheet.

Many things your mother buys come in bottles. When the bottles are empty, use the most interesting ones for a bottle collection. Be sure to wash out the bottles and scrape off the labels. You can paint designs on the bottles or glue tiny seashells or beads on them.
Arrange your collection on a shelf or a window sill so everyone can see them.
Other beautiful things you can collect are old jewelry, hat feathers and plumes, figurines, plates and pitchers, glassware, and hand-painted fans.

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Needle craft ideas

Needle and thread.

Make an apron, make a clown, or make a pair of slippers to wear around. Or you can stitch a picture or braid a belt as a gift for a friend. All you need are needle, thread and a few other materials. It’s easy. Follow the steps closely on the next pages and see.

Making Pictures with Stitches.
Draw a picture of a boat, a cat, a house, a boy, or a girl on paper. With carbon paper under your drawing, trace the lines onto the cloth.
Thread a big needle. Double the thread and make a knot at the end.
Now you’re ready to sew along the lines. Start by sticking the needle through the backside of the cloth and pulling the thread through until the knot stops it. Push the needle in and out of the cloth along the lines of the picture until you have covered all of the lines. Sew short, tight stitches.

Sewing Pictures on Cards.
Stitch pictures on cardboard instead of on cloth, and you can make a collection of card pictures.
Use a thimble when you push the needle through the cardboard.

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Insect craft

Insect craft

Mix flour, salt, and alum in a bowl. Slowly mix in water. When the dough is thick and solt like modeling clay, it is ready to use.
Koll some of it into a ball, and shape it like the hug in the picture.
Cut up pipe cleaners for legs and feelers. Stick them into the sides of the douth bug.

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Soap making ideas

Soap making ideas

Hit by bit, cut awav the out-side edge ol the soap until you reach the   lines. When you carve, hold the knife edge away from your body. Don’t try to cut away big chunks, just cut a little at a time.
Round out the top of the turtle’s back with the knife. With a pointed stick vou can make dents for the turtle’s eyes and mark lines on its shell.
When you finish carving, smooth the sides by wetting the snap and rubbing it with your fingers.
Paint the turtle with tempera.
You can carve many other animals out of soap. Remember it is easier to carve the animals if vou first draw a picture on the soap.

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Craft soap molds

Craft soap molds

A turtle carved from SOAP
1. Scrape any lettering from the sides of a bar of soap.
2. Lay the soap on paper and trace around it.
3. Draw the top view ol a turtle (see Picture) inside the soap outline on the paper.
4. Put a piece of carbon paper between the drawing and the soap, and trace over the lines of the picture. This will make a carbon copy on the soap.

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Craft soap making

Craft soap making

A turtle carved from SOAP
a bar of soap
a paring knife
paper and a pencil
tempera paints
carbon paper
a pointed stick

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Tic small pieces of driftwood to each other with picture wire. See picture. Then tie a longer piece of picture wire to the center of the top piece of driftwood. Make sure the pieces balance. Hang the mobile in a window or a doorway.

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