Crafts for kids

Crafts for kids

Hello my name is Stefi Sierra, here you can see my crafts ideas for kinds and adult.
My crafts projects are:
Fun with odds and ends

Is there an old paper bag around the house? Are there any tin cans, pop bottles, string? Don’t throw them away. You can make toys from all kinds of odds and ends.On The next pages are easy to make toys that are fun to play with.
Did you ever paint a picture with a toothbrush, or an old sponge, or colored soapsuds? On the next pages you will find ways to use almost anything to make pretty and unusual pictures.
Squeezing and shaping
Take a soggy ball of paper, some flour and water dough, or some modeling clay. Punch it and squeeze it. And soon you can have a rabbit, a tiny man, or many other shapes. On the next pages are ways to model.

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Thank you very much!

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