How to make wedding Crescent Bouquet

wedding Crescent Bouquet

Crescent Bouquet Basics.

This beautiful bouquet is best when used with a gown which has a very detailed front. You can either use a ready-made cascade base such as a length of ivy or you can floral tape flowers together to create the cascade look. To begin, use a 4″ length of floral tape to attach a flower to the tip of the cascade.

Be sure to pull the tape tight so the flower does not loosen and fall off. The next flower is taped in place and angled slightly to the left. Be sure to leave space between the flowers. Smaller filler material, like dried flowers or small silks, are taped to the stem between the main flowers. The next flower is taped and angled slightly to the right. Continue adding flowers and alternating the angle. If there are very large flowers in the main bouquet, such as large roses or gardenias, use these only at the top of the cascade.

When complete, gently curve the cascade and glue it into the center of the right side of the foam. Make another cascade about 1/3 to 1/2 the length of the first. Gently curve it and glue into the left side of the foam. Insert a flower into the center of the foam. Then insert two flowers into the foam, these will connect the center flower to each cascade.

Insert flowers around the top and bottom of the bouquet to form a small oval. Then add flowers forming another row between the top and the center rows. Stagger these flowers with those already in the bouquet.

Make a bow and insert into the center of the bouquet. Bring the streamers down each cascade and, with pieces of cloth covered wire, attach the streamers to the cascades in several places. Tuck in filler flowers and greens to fill the center section of the bouquet.

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