How to make a rose bridal bouquet

rose bridal bouquet

Rose & Pearl Crescent.

4″ wide styrofoam® bouquet holder 27 white rosebuds, each 1 112″ long 36 pearl sprays, each with 3 strands of pearls.
4 yards of 718″ wide white iridescent ribbon.
4 pieces of 20 gauge wire, each 18″ long white cloth covered wire green floral tape chenille stem for bow tacky craft glue.

1 Cut 3 rosebud stems so they are 3″ long and set aside for steps 7 and 9. Cut the other rosebud stems to 2″ then floral tape one pearl spray about 1″ below the head of each rosebud.
2 Floral tape two pieces of the 20 gauge wire together. Tape a rosebud to one end.
3 Floral tape a second rosebud so the head is about 1″ below the head of the first and angle it to the right. When floral taping these flowers to the stem, begin 1″ below the head of the flower.
4 Floral tape another rosebud about 1″ below the head of the second. Angle it to the left.

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