How to make a cascading bridal bouquet

cascading bridal bouquet

Cascade Bouquet Basics.
A full or slim cascade is perfect for the bride or her maids. Traditionally the maids’ cascades are a bit shorter than the bride’s. The cascade will be a length of ivy or similar trailing material. With floral tape, add flowers that are in the upper portion of the bouquet to this cascade piece. Dip the stem into glue and insert into the center bottom of the foam holder, let dry.

The following placements determine if the bouquet will be full or slim. The further the flowers are away from the holder, the fuller the bouquet will be. Insert a 4″-6″ piece at a spot between 1:00 and 2:00 into the foam. This piece will rest on the left forearm when the bouquet is correctly held (see the drawing on page 3). Add a third piece in direct line with the second piece on the other side of the bouquet. Insert two more pieces equally spaced into the top left side of the bouquet. Finally a small piece is placed between the cascade and #2 piece, at about the 4:00 or 5:00 position.

Insert the largest, fullest, prettiest flower into the center of the bouquet. If there is enough space, add another flower in a line from #2 to the center flower and from the center flower to the cascade.

Insert one flower to connect each point to the center flower. Then tuck in any flowers as needed to fill the space between flowers and to establish the outline of the bouquet.

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