Cascading bridal bouquets

Cascading bridal bouquets

Burgundy Short Crescent Cascade.

2 1/2″ wide Sahara® bouquet holder
1 stem burgundy lilies (it has 6 flowers, each 2″ wide, and two buds)
2 stems green ivy (each stem has an 11″ piece and two 9″ pieces. Leaves vary from 1 1/2″—3″)
8 mauve rosebuds, each 1 1/2 ” tall
2 stems pink double blossoms (each stem has 6 sprigs of four 3/4″ wide flowers)
3 yards of 3/4″ wide pink/white lace ribbon white cloth covered wire green floral tape
20 gauge wire in 18″ lengths
6 wooden picks chenille stem for bow tacky craft glue

1 Cut the two side sprigs off one ivy stem. Cut the center stem so it is 12″ long. Trim all pink double blossom sprigs from the main stems. Set aside five stems for steps 4 and 6. Cut the remaining double blossoms so there are two blossoms per stem. Floral tape each stem to a 2″ length of wire. Set aside for step 12.
2 Cut one group of lilies from the main stem leaving a 1″ stem on the cut group. Cut off two open lilies leaving a bud and one open lily on the stem.
3 Floral tape the open lily and bud stem to the 12″ ivy piece. Place the bud near the tip of the ivy.
4 Continue floral taping flowers along the ivy piece in the following order: double blossom, rosebud, double blossom, open lily, rosebud and double blossom. Gently curve the stem.
5 Cut the ivy stem to 2″ long. Dip the cut end in glue and insert into the right side of the holder, as shown.
6 Cut an 8″ length of ivy. Floral tape flowers to the ivy in the following order (beginning at the tip of the ivy): lily bud, double blossom, rosebud and double blossom. Cut the ivy stem to 1″ long. Gendy curve the stem.
7 Dip the cut end of the ivy into glue and insert into the left side of the holder.
8 Cut the rosebud stems to 2″ long. Insert one rosebud into the center of the foam.
9 Cut four more rosebud stems to 2″ long. Insert two around the top of the holder and two around the bottom of the holder. These will visually “connect” the two cascades.
10 Follow the directions on page 1 and make a bow with 12″ and 18″ streamers. The bow should have 14 loops, each 2″ long. Insert the bow into the center of the holder with a streamer down each ivy piece. With pieces of cloth covered wire, secure each streamer to the ivy cascade in a few spots.
11 Cut off four open lilies and floral tape each to a 2″ length of wire. Insert around the center rose, see the photo for placement. Glue small ivy leaves into the ribbon loops in the center of the bow.
12 For two loop picks: make 2 loops each 2″ long. Place a wooden pick over the folds and wrap securely with the wire. Make 6 picks and insert around the sides of the bouquet. Insert the double blossom sprigs throughout the bouquet.

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