How to make wedding bows




1 Measure 18″ from one end of the ribbon (this will be the tail or streamer of the bow). Pinch between the thumb and finger of your left hand.
2 Make a loop on each side of your hand.
3 Make two more loops, one on each side of your hand.
4 Make a center loop by bringing the ribbon toward you up, over and around the thumb.
5 Make four more loops two on each side of your hand.
6 Cut off a 4″ length of cloth covered wire or chenille stem. Bend in half and insert through the center loops.
7 Bring the wire ends to the back of the bow and twist to secure the bow.
8 If necessary, floral tape the bow wires to a 2″ piece of 20 gauge wire. Trim the tails of the bow at an angle.

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