How to make flower arrangements

make flower arrangements

Peach & Blue Slim Cascade.

4″ wide styrofoam® bouquet holder 5 1/2 yards of 3/4″ wide white lace ribbon.
5 1/2 yards of 314″ wide double-faced satin peach ribbon 5 1/2 yards of 318″ wide double-faced satin light blue ribbon 2 stems green ivy (each stem has an 1 1/2 ” piece & two 9″ pieces, leaves vary from 1 112″ to 3″ long).
2 peach open roses, each 3″ across 7 peach rosebuds, 1″ tall heads.
3 stems It. blue lilies (each stem has six 2″ wide blossoms & three 1″ tall buds).
3 stems white silk baby’s breath green floral tape two 18″ pieces of 20 gauge wire 1 white chenille stem (for bow) tacky craft glue.

1 Cut away the two side pieces on one ivy stem, leaving one long center piece. Cut this center piece so it is 13″ long, set aside. Floral tape all roses to 3″ pieces of 20 gauge wire.
2 Take one lily stem and cut off one bud and two open lilies. To form the cascade: floral tape flowers to the 13″ ivy piece. Begin by taping the lily bud 2″ below the tip of the ivy. Continue floral taping the open lily, baby’s breath sprig, rosebud, open lily, baby’s breath sprig and a rosebud.
3 Dip the end of the ivy cascade in glue. Insert into the center of the bottom edge of the styrofoam® holder.
4 Cut off a 5″ stem of ivy. Insert into the #2 location (see cascade basics, page 4) between the 1:00 and 2:00 positions on the styrofoam® holder.
5 Cut four 5″ pieces of ivy. Following the directions on page 4, insert these pieces into positions #3, #4, #5 and #6.
6 Insert one open rose into the center of the bouquet.
7 Cut off three lily pieces, each should contain a bud and one open blossom. Insert one piece in front of positions #2, #3 and #6.
8 Insert one rosebud in front of positions #4 and #5.
9 See the directions on page 2 to make two many ribboned bows. Each bow will have 10 loops. The longest loops are 4″. Insert one bow on each side of the center rose.
10 For streamers: cut two 36″ lengths of each ribbon and lace. Place together and fold in half. Insert a 6″ piece of wire over the fold and twist to the ends. Insert next to the cascade. Insert the second open rose under the first. Angle the stem up into the bouquet.
11 Randomly insert the remaining roses and lilies to fill the empty spaces. The lily buds should extend 1″ beyond the roses in the bouquet.
12 Cut the baby’s breath into single sprigs. Insert them throughout the bouquet extending l”-2″ beyond the roses. Three larger ivy leaves are removed from the stems and glued into the ribbon around the center of the bouquet. Insert the remaining ivy pieces throughout the bouquet.

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