How to make a ribbon bow



1 With the first ribbon make a 4″ long loop on one side of your hand.
2 Make a 4″ loop on the other side of your hand.
3 Make additional loops on each side of your hand until there are a total of 4 to 10. Cut the ribbon.
4 With the next ribbon or lace make loops on each side of your hand. Notice these loops are slightly smaller than those made with the first ribbon.
5 With the last ribbon make the smallest loops.
6 Make half the loops then make a center loop by bringing the ribbon toward you-up, over and around your thumb.
7 Continue making the rest of the loops with the last ribbon. Fold a 6″ piece of cloth covered wire or chenille stem in half and insert through the center loops.
8 Bring the wire ends to the back of the bow and twist to secure the ribbons.

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