Bridal flower arrangements ideas

Bridal flower arrangements ideas

Mauve & Ivory Full Cascade.

One 2 1/2″ wide Sahara┬« bouquet holder.
8 yards of 1 1/2″ wide ivory lace ribbon.
8 yards of 5/8″ wide ivory double faced satin ribbon.
1 orchid cascade.
7 mauve satin lilies (each 5″ wide).
3 mauve satin lily buds (each 2 1/2″ tall).
9 orchid picks (these are purchased with each pick having one 3″ wide orchid and 3 stephanotis blossoms) cloth covered wire or chenille stem green floral tape tacky craft glue.

1 To complete the cascade, floral tape one lily bud so the tip is 2″ from the end of the cascade. Notice l”-2″ of the lily stem is not floral taped.
2 Floral tape an open lily half way up the cascade.
3 Cut the cascade stem to 1″ long. Dip the end into glue and insert into the center bottom of the bouquet holder. Let dry overnight.
4 Cut five orchid stems to 1″ long and insert for each of the five outer placements as shown on page.
5 Cut one open lily stem to 3″ long. Insert into the center of the foam.
6 Insert one lily bud in front of the flower in placement #2 at the upper right of the bouquet.
7 Insert one lily bud between #4 and #5, at the upper left side.
8 Insert one open lily in the upper left and one in the upper right. These will connect the ouside buds with the center flower.
9 Insert one open lily in front of the orchid pick at positions #3 and #6.
10 Insert one open lily directly below the center lily to connect it with the cascade.
11 Insert the remaining four orchid picks around the outside center of the bouquet to fill in the space.
12 Follow the directions on page 2 to make a bow with the satin and lace ribbons. Each bow has ten 3″ long loops. For streamers: fold a 36″ length each of satin and lace ribbon in half. Place the fold behind the bow and secure with the bow wire. Repeat making a second bow and streamer. Insert one to the left and one to the right of the center flower.

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