Shapes from triangles and squares

Triangles and squares are flat designs. But you can use them to make shapes that are not flat. Sometimes they can even stand up by themselves. These shapes are called solid shapes. A solid shape has length, width, and thickness.

Here’s how to make a solid shape that will stand up by itself. Trace this triangle design for your pattern. 1. Cut out the tracing. 2. Trace your pattern on construction paper. 3. Cut out the pattern. 4. Fold the paper on the dotted lines. 5. Fold the tabs over and paste them down. Now you have a shape that looks like this:
We call this shape a pyramid. A pyramid is a solid shape. Long ago, people in Egypt built huge pyramids of stone.
Now trace this square shape for your pattern. Follow the five steps listed above. And you have a shape that looks like this:
We call this shape a cube. A cube is a solid shape. Water freezes into ice cubes in an ice-cube tray.

You can combine triangles and squares and get still other solid shapes. Trace this triangle and square design. Follow the five steps listed on the facing page. When you’re through, you have a shape that looks like the one in the picture below. We call this shape a polyhedron. Poly means many, and hedron means sides. “Polyhedron” always means a solid shape with many sides.

You can make mobiles, Christmas tree ornaments, and party decorations with your pyramids, cubes, and polyhedrons. Loop them with string and hang them up.

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