Paper bag puppets for kids

• sawdust
• wallpaper paste
• water
• an empty pop bottle
• sandpaper
• tempera paints
• shellac
• cloth scraps
• Styrofoam

Sawdust Puppet Head:
One cup of sawdust from any lumberyard is enough to make a puppet head. Mix enough water with the sawdust to make it pack like wet sand. Add dry wallpaper paste and a little more water to make a mixture that feels like clay.
Wrap a scrap of cloth around the neck of a pop bottle. Stick a lump of the sawdust clay over the cloth on the neck of the bottle, and mold it into a head. Let the head dry. After it is dry, take it off the bottle and smooth it down with sandpaper.
Paint the head with tempera. After the paint dries, cover it with shellac.

Styrofoam Puppet Head:
A Styrofoam ball can be used for a puppet head. Buy a Styrofoam ball at a dime store. You can dent and cut Styrofoam, stick pins in it, and paste things on it.
Use the handle of a spoon to punch a finger hole in the bottom of the ball of Styrofoam. See Picture.
Push pieces of cardboard into the Styrofoam for a nose and for ears. They can also be attached with straight pins. Paste yarn in place for hair. Cut out pieces of paper or cloth for the eyes and the mouth. Paste these in place.

Cloth Puppet Head:
Cut the toe off an old sock to make a cloth puppet head. Stuff it with cotton.
Wrap cardboard around your middle finger to make a tube. Glue or tape it in place. Be sure it is wrapped loosely enough so that you can slip your finger in and out easily.
Tie the open end of the sock around the cardboard tube. See Picture.
Sew a puppet face on the head. Use pieces of felt, cloth scraps, buttons, yarn, or thread.

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