Childrens character costumes

Character Costumes.
Character costumes are easy to make. Just put on a piece of clothing and carry a cane or stick and you have a costume for a play, a show, or just for fun.
Here are some things you can use for character costumes.
Baggy clothes: old man, beggar, tramp, clown.
Ragged clothes: pirate, clown, tramp, beggar.
Long dress: old woman, dancer, gypsy, witch.
Shirt worn backwards: doctor, druggist, barber, artist.
Floppy hat: old man, old woman, tramp, beggar.
Saucepan on head: soldier, knight, spaceman.
Straw hat: farmer, country boy, country girl.
Scarf: old woman, gypsy, cowboy, farmer, pirate.
Towel cape: Robin Hood, knight Crepe-paper cape: queen, fairy princess Umbrella: old man, old woman, clown Cane: old man, old woman, beggar Toy pistol: cowboy, pirate, soldier, spaceman.
Bow and arrows: Robin Hood, Indian Hoop earrings: pirate, gypsy Lipstick: Indian warpaint, clown make-up Cotton for beard or hair: old man, tramp, beggar.

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