Cafts from christmas cards

Spiral card.
• string.
• scissors.
• paste.
• a piece of heavy colored paper.
• a pencil.
• a small piece of white paper for the message.
A message is hidden in this easy-to-make spiral greeting card.
Fold the colored paper in half.
Poke a hole with your scissors in the middle of the front half of the paper. Now cut a spiral with the scissors, around and around and out from the center hole. Turn the paper as you cut. See Picture. You might find it easier to do if you practice on a scrap of paper first.
Paste white paper on the inside back half of the folded paper, under the spiral. Write a message on it. Lift the spiral to make sure that the message can be seen, and then let it snap back in place, covering the message.
Use a dab of paste to fasten a string to the center of the spiral. Also, paste the corners of the folded paper together so that your card can be opened by lifting the spiral.

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