How to Break Glass on a Score Line

Glass can also be broken using running pliers. This works for breaking straight lines and slight curves and is also useful for starting a break at either end of a score line. If you use metal running pliers, the slightly concave jaw must be placed on the topsicTe of the glass and the convex jaw on the underside. If you use plastic running pliers, position the jaw with the 2 outside “teeth” or ridges on the top side of the glass.
Using running pliers:
1 Position the running pliers so that the score line is centered and the glass is partially inside the jaws, approximately 1/2 in to 3/4 in.
2 Gently squeeze the handles and the score will “run” (travel), causing the glass to break off into 2 pieces. If the “run” does not go the full length of the score line, repeat the procedure at the other end of the score line.
Using breaking pliers or combination pliers:
Breaking pliers have 2 identical flat, smooth jaws that can be placed on either side of the glass. Combination pliers have a flat top jaw and a curved bottom jaw-both are serrated.
1 Position the pliers perpendicular to the score line and as close as possible without touching it Start at either end of the score line (not the middle).
2 Use an out-and-downward pulling motion on the pliers to break the glass.
3 When using 2 sets of pliers to break apart 2 smaller pieces of glass, place the pliers on the glass on either side of the score line and opposite to each other. Hold one set of pliers steady and use an out-and-downward pulling motion with the other set to separate the glass piece.

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