Paper crafts for kids

Paper crafts for kids

How To Make a Nose and Tail
To make a doorway into the conning tower, push Carton 4 against Carton 3. Draw a line where the top of 4 comes. That’s how high the doorway should be. Saw out or cut nut the part of Carton 3 below this line. Save this cardboard.
To make a hatch, or door, open top Haps of Carton 4.
To make a passageway into the conning tower, enl out the end ol Carton 1, next to Carton 3. Save this cardboard. See Picture.
fi. You now have a submarine. II von want to make it more streamlined like a real submarine, yon can add a cigar-shaped bow and stern. See the steps below.

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