Nature crafts

Nature crafts

Cut out the ends of cartons 1 and 2 where thev come together. These two cardboard pieces together with the cardboard you cut out to make the passagewax into the conning tower, will make a bow and stern.
Draw a cigar-shaped pattern on one piece ol cardboard. Cut it out. See Picture.
Trace around this pattern on the other three pieces ol cardboard. Cut them out.
Tape two pieces to the front for a bow. Tape points together.
Tape the other two pieces to Carton 4 for the stern. Tape [joints together.
Cut pieces ol heavy paper to cover the empty spaces at the bow and the stern. Tape the pieces of paper to the cardboard.
Tape all the cartons together, and you’ve built your submarine. The next page will tell you how to install a real periscope in the conning tower.

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