empty spools
yarn or string
poster paint and a brush
a button, a milk-bottle cap, or a clothespin

To find out how much string or yarn you need for Squirmy, put your spools in a straight line. You will need string that is about three or four times as long as your row of spools.
Leave a small piece at one end of your string for a tail, and then tie a big knot. The knot will keep the spools from falling off.
String your spools. If you have beads, string them between the spools. Leave some room on the string for Squirmy to move around about as much room as two spools would take up and tie another big knot. This knot will keep the spools from sliding off the front.
The string that’s left will be your puller. If you want a good puller, tie a button or elothes-pin or milk-bottle cap to the end of the puller string.
You might paint or decorate Squirmy. If you shellac it, the colors will stay bright.’

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