Craft paper

Craft paper

construction  paper
blunt scissors
1. With a ruler draw a straight line two inches away from the long side of a piece of construction paper. Then take your scissors, cut along the line you have drawn, and you’ll have a long strip of paper.
2. Fold it in half, and crease il. Then one inch from one end of the strip, cut through the paper from the side halfway across, as shown in the picture. On the other end, cut halfway across the paper from the other side.
3. Now bring both ends together, and fit the cuts together. The fan at the end forms the fish’s tail.
4. Poke a small hole in the fish’s back, and push a piece of string through the hole. Knot the end of the string so it won’t pull through the paper. You can draw eyes and mouth on your fish, if you wish. Then hang it up.
You can make many fish of different colored paper, and hang them in your room.

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