Tree decorations christmas

Tree decorations christmas

Step 1 Base coat the tree and base with Accent Green.
Step 2 Drybrush the tree with Artichoke and then with Country Sage. Highlight with Thermal Green, then tip the branches with Sno White. Drybrush the raffia with Zuni Brown, then with Honey Toast. Drybrush the ribbons and tree skirt with Brightest Red and then with Fiery Red; highlight with a little Glorious Gold. Drybrush the tree skirt trim with Sno White.
Drybrush the buttons with colors of your choice, then highlight them with White.
Step 3 Spary the pieces with 2 coats of porcelain type sealer. Apply 2 coats of gloss brush on sealer to the buttons and ribbons.
Step 4 Glue in the pin lights and install the electric wiring.
If desired, glue colored buttons and rallia bows over the embossed ones and add a few strips of colorful fabric.

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