Santa and Tree

Santa and Tree

Santa andTree
What You’ll Need;
Greenwarc Santa and tree.
Cleanup tool.
Sanding pad.
Aluminum loiL
Brushes-#6 China oval scroller, #’s 3,5, and 8 drybrushing, #0 shon liner, #2 long liner, #0 detail, #’s 6 & 10 long shadcrs, and 3A” glaze.
Nonfirmgacr)’licstains-Sno-VV’hite. Honey Toast, Feather Grey, Blueberri, Country Sage, Chocolate Fudge, Liconce, Razzbcrri, Fleshtone, True Blue, Accent Green Black Forest, Royal Fuchsia, Brightest Red, Zuni Brown, Old World Santa Red, Brightest YeUow, Fiery Red, and Thermal Green
Nonfiling metallic stains Glorious Gold and Shimmering Silver.
Sealers-Matte and Fbrcelain-type sprays and gloss brush-on.
7mm pin lights.
Electrical hookup.
Colored buttons, raffia, and fabric scraps (optional).

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