Holy Family

Holy Family

Use a single glaze and touches of gold overglaze luster to accent the beauty of a finely detailed piece such as the Holy Family pictured here.
Step 1 Clean the greenware in the usual careful manner, taking care to replace the details and texture in mold seam areas.
Fire the greenware to cone 04 (1940°F-1060°C).
Step 2 Use a glaze brush to apply 3 coats of Yadro glaze to the entire piece, allowing each coat to dry before applying the next one.
Fire the piece to cone 05 (1915°F-1046°C).
Step 3 Using a small brush reserved for gold, apply a coat of liquid bright gold to Joseph’s neckband and waist cinch, to Mary’s neckband and cuff bands, to the infant’s drape, to the gifts, and to the trim on the base.
Allow the piece to dry, then fire it in a well-vented kiln to cone 019 (1261°F-683°C).

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