Fun crafts

Fun crafts

Apple craft
Summer vacation is over and this little fellow is heading off to school with an apple for his teacher, but what, do you suppose, is he plan nine to do with that frog?
Step 1 Clean greenware figurine, taking care to replace details and texture in the mold seam areas.
Fire the piece to witness (standard) cone 04 (1940°F-1060°C).
Step 2 Using suitable brushes, apply 3 even coats of underglaze colors for bisque to the following areas. Apply the color smoothly and allow drying time between coats: Apple (carefully avoiding the worm), Firecracker; leaf, Green Acres; and stem, Happy Trails.
Use a soft fan brush to apply 2 coats of clear glaze to die same areas, allowing each coat to dry well.
Fire the piece to witness (standard) cone 06 (1830°F-999°G).
Step 3 Apply Midnight nonfiring antiquing color for bisque to the pants, shoes, knapsack, and frog. Once again avoiding the worm, apply Doeskin to all remaining bisque areas. Allow the piece to dry.
Step 4 With drybrushing brushes suited to the sizes of the areas being worked on, drybrush and detail the piece with nonfiring acrylic stains as follows: FLESH AREAS Medium Flesh. Lightly blush the cheeks with Santa Fe Flesh.
HAIR-Rust. Highlight with Orange Sherbet and then lightly with Bittersweet.
PANTS-Blue Ribbon, Highlight with Denim Blue, then dryHAT Denim Blue. Lightly highlight with Natural. Apply Blue Ribbon to the button and stitches, then lightly drybrush over the button and hat stitches with Denim Blue.
SWEATER-Fudge. Referring to the photo, create an ombre pattern by drybrushing the sweater alternately with Santa Red, Sunburst, Natural, and Bittersweet. Drybrush the ribbon on the collar and cuffs with Natural. KNAPSACK & STRAPS Congo Brown. Highlight with Creamy Beige.
FROG-Midnight Green. Highlight with Palmetto Green, then lightly with French Chartreuse. WORM-Base coat with Palmetto Green and lightly drybrush with French Chartreuse. SHOES-Toes and rims, White and laces, Black.
Step 5 Use a stylus to apply dots of Rust for freckles on the cheeks and the bridge of the nose. Using a #1 mini-liner brush, apply Santa Fe Flesh to the mouth. Apply Coal Black to the eyes of the boy and the worm. Fill in the frog’s eyes with Natural, then add Coal Black pupils. Highlight all eyes, using a dot of White for each one.
Step 6 Apply Bronze nonfiring metallic stain to the buckle and to the buttons on the knapsack.
Step 7 Apply matte sealer to the toes of the shoes and gloss sealer to all eyes, the ends of the shoelaces, and to the button on the hat.

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