Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations

Santa claus craft
Fun projects
from start to finish, this droll Santa and tree are sure to be stellar attractions during the holidays.
Step 1 Clean the greenware, using a cleanup tool, a sanding pad, and a sponge. If you plan to light the finished tree, make holes for the pin lights and the electrical wiring.
Fire the greenware to witness (standard) cone 04-03 (1940/ 2014°F-1060/1101°C).
Step 2 Thoroughly shake and stir the nonfiring stains, then place a small amount of each in a separate spot on a piece of aluminum foil. Paint each bisque piece as directed below, then roll up the foil and toss it away.
Step I Using brushes suited to the sizes of the areas being covered, base coat the piece with the following colors: FLESHTONE A11 flesh areas. BRIGHTEST RED-Santa’s hat and coat.
BLACK FOREST Cloves and bow on Santa.
OLD WORLD SANTA RED-Birdhouse roof.
SHIMMERING SILVER-Bucket. HONEY TOAST-Star and birdseed.
FEATHER GREY Hat and coat trim, hair and beard. Base coat the buttons and patches with Old World Santa Red, Royal Fuchsia, True Blue, Honey Toast, and Black Forest.
Step 2 Using brushes for dry-brushing, carefully drybrush designate areas with the following colors:
FIERY RED Santa’s hat and coat. RAZZBERRI-Royal Fuchsia areas.
HONEY TOAST Black Forest areas.
BRIGHTEST RED-Cheeks. BRIGHTEST YELLOW Birdseed and star. SNOWHITE-Hair, beard, hat and coat trim, and highlight on birdseed.
Step 3 Using a shader brush, float Licorice in the deep crevices. Float Chocolate Fudge in the crevices of Santa’s face.
Sfep 4 Pain I the eyes and ihe
“stitches” Licorice, then highlight each eye with a dot of Sno White.
Add details of Glorious Gold to the large bow.
Step 5 Spray the piece with 2 coats of matte sealer.

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