Apple craft

Apple craft

Apple craft
What You’ll Need;
Greenware figurine. 11″ T.
Cleaning took.
Brushes-* 1 mini-liner, #’s 1 & 4 round, #4 soft fan, and #’s 2 & 4 for drybrushing
Underglaze colors for bisque-Firecracker, Green Acres, and Happy Trails.
Clear glaze.
Nonfiring antiquing color for bisque-Midnight Black and Doeskin.
Nonfiring acrylic stains-White, Coal Black, Palmetto Green, French Chartreuse, Bittersweet, Congo Brown, Santa Red, Orange Sherbet, Sunburst, Denim Blue, Fudge, Rust, Sania Fe Flesh, Creamy Beige, Medium Flesh, Blue Ribbon, Midnight Green, and Natural.
Bronze nonliring metallic stain.
Brush-on sealers-Matte and gloss.

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