The ancient Greeks named this colorful bird, which reached North America in the late 1800s. Breeding programs and the birds ability to adapt, soon made these exotic newcomers familiar throughout most northern states and southern Canada.
Step 1 Clean the greenwarc, being sure to replace the feather patterns in the mold seam areas.
Fire the pieces to cone 04 (1940°F-1060°C).
Step 2 Wipe each bisque piece with a damp sponge to remove any dust, then base coat the birds with Black nonfiring acrylic stain.
Step 3 Carefully avoiding the male’s head and brushing across the feathers, drybrush both birds with Saddle Brown and then with Spiced Amber. Highlight the long side wing feathers with Oriental Flesh and then with White.
Slep 4 Heavily drybrush Terra Copper and then Hot Orange on the chest feathers and the skin around the eyes of the male bird. Drybrush the chest and the tips of the tail feathers with Light Brown and then with Oriental Flesh.
Drybrush his head and the long feathers on his back above the orange area with Holly Green. Very lightly  drybrush the same, areas with White and then with Emerald Green. Heavily drybrush a ring of White around the neck between the. green head and the brown body. Tip each body feather with an inverted “V” shape of Black, then add White above each one. Add Black stripes to alternating rows of tail feathers.
Step 5 Drybrush the female’s chest and tail with Oriental Flesh and highlight with White. Paint the body feathers in the reverse of the male’s, using upright “V” shapes of White. Add Black above each white “V”shape.
Step 6 Use Holly Green and then Emerald Green for the grass and leaves on the bases. Make the flowers Gold and highlight them with Oriental Flesh and then with White.
Step 7 Spray the pieces with matte sealer.
Step 8 Paint the eyes Gold tipped with Terra Copper, then add Black pupils and White highlights. Apply a coat of gloss sealer to the eyes.
What You’ll Need;
■ Greenware pheasants.
■ Cleaning tools.
■ Various brushes.
■ Nonfiring acrylic stains-Black, Saddle Brown, Spiced Amber, Light Brown, White, Gold, Oriental Flesh, Terra Copper, Hot Orange, Holly Green, and Emerald Green.
■ Sealers-Matte spray and gloss brush-on.

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