Pitcher Plate

Pitcher Plate

This terra cotta pitcher and matching plate make it easy to imagine a sun-dappled patio somewhere in the Southwest where one might relax with a cooling drink alter a hard day’s work. While you may never find yourself in such a pleasant situation, it is easy to make the pitcher and plate and the daydreams are free!
Step 1 Use a pencil to sketch the designs on the terra cotta bisque pitcher and plate. Outline a wide band at the bottom of the pitcher, then sketch on the pattern of triangles as shown in the photo.
For the plate, outline a band around the rim with the triangles just inside the band. Also draw a pattern of feather-like rays radiating from the center of the plate.
Step 2 Using a #6 sable round brush and referring to the photo, apply 2 coats of Black engobe to the bands and triangles on both pieces and to the handle of the pitcher. Clean the brush, then use it to apply 2 or 3 coats of Tangerine Red to the small triangles on each piece.
Step 3 Fire the pieces to witness (standard) cone 04 (1940°F-1060°C).
Step 4 Pour some slightly thinned Black dinner-ware-approved glaze into the pitcher. Roll and turn the piece until the inner surface is evenly coated, then pour out the excess glaze. Allow the pitcher to drain well and use a sponge to remove any glaze drips.
Step 5 Using a #6 soft fan brush, apply 2 Lhin, even coats of transparent matte glaze over the entire plate and to the outside of the pitcher. Be sure to apply the glaze in thin, smooth coats to avoid the milky effect that can occur when this type of glaze is applied too thickly.
Step 6 Fire the pieces to witness (standard) cone 06 (1830T-999°C) with a 15 to 20 minute holding time at the maturing temperature.
What You’ll Need:
■ Terra cotta bisque pitcher and plate.
■ Brushes-#6 sable round and #6 soft fan.
■ Engobes lack and Tangerine Red.
■ Glazes-Dinnerware- approved Black and transparent matte.

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