Pasta Bowl

Pasta Bowl

Your very special pasta creations deserve a bowl as fine as the one pictured here. The piece is easy to make with a majolica technique and you are sure to enjoy both making and using it.
Step 1 Clean the greenware bowl in the usual careful manner, then fire it to cone 03-02 (2014°/2048°F-11017H20°C).
Step 2 Use a 3A” oval glaze mop brush to apply 3 flowing coats of White Cloud dinnerware-approved glaze to the entire bisque bowl. Allow the piece to dry after each coat and to dry thoroughly after the final one.
Step 3 Using a #4 pointed round brush and the translucent colors for bisque from the materials list, write the names of different types of pasta on the inside and outside of the bowl. Apply 3 coats of each color for nice rich, deep tones.
Use a #6 pointed round brush to apply 3 coats of Just Froggy to the rim of the bowl.
Step 4 Fire the bowl to cone 06-05 (1830/1915°F-999/1046°C).
What You’ll Need:
■ Greenware pasta bowl.
■ Cleaning tools.
■ Sponge.
■ Brushes-3/*” oval glaze mop and #’s 4 & 6 pointed rounds.
■ White Cloud dinnerware-approved glaze.
■ Translucent colors for bisque-Toad-aly Green, Just Froggy, Salsa, Orange Ya Happy, Poo Bear, Moody Blue, and Blue Grass.

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