Halloween crafts

Halloween crafts

Look what’s up in the pumpkin patch! Nodding their wobbly heads in anticipation, this trio of cat, ghost, I and witch are ready for Halloween mischief and fun.
Step 1 Purchase the greenware or cast the pieces. If you do your own casting, be sure that the heads and pumpkin tops are not too heavy. (We pour slip into the bodies and pumpkin bottoms, wait a few minutes, then pour slip into the heads and tops, so we can empty the molds at the same time. Empty the ghost tail and pumpkin stem, but allow the hands, feet, and other tails to become solid.)When you remove the pieces from the molds, cut out the neck areas as wide as possible and cut a hole at least lW wide in the bodies. Slightly push in on the ghost tail so it will fit the shape of the pumpkin.
Step 2 Clean the greenware in the usual way, replacing details as needed, then fire the pieces to cone 05-04 (1915/lWF-lW6/106(rc).
Step 3 Using nonfiring opaque and translucent stains and chalks, finish the pieces as follows: PUMPKINS-Base coat the entire pumpkin with White, then antique the entire pumpkin and stem with Black nonfiring mineral spirit stain. Allow the pieces to dry, then wipe down with a cloth and mineral spirits, allowing the color to remain in the crevices. Drybrush pumpkins with a mixture of Orange stain and blending medium. Drybrush the grass and leaves with Olive. Spray with porcelain-type sealer, then highlight the leaves and grasses with Dark Brown and the Orange mixture. Drybrush the stems with Dark Brown. Spray with matte sealer. CAT-Base coat with Black. Dry brush White on the top outer edges of the eyes to look like eyelashes. Apply White to the bottom third of each eye and Black to the remainder. Color the eyes Bahy Blue and highlight each with a dot of White. Paint the nose and mouth Strawberri Cream.
GHOST-Base coat with White. Apply Gray chalk in the mouth, crevices of the head, arms, and fingers. Blush the cheeks and mouth with Pink chalk. Using Black stain, drybrush the eyelashes as for the cat. Carefully avoiding the ey?es, apply clear liquid glitter to the entire ghost. WITCH ase coat face, body, and hands with White and the coal, hair, buttons, and collar with Black. Antique the pieces with Black mineral spirit slain. Drybrush Olive on the face and hands and Purple on the body. Paint the fingernails Black and the moles on the face Dark Brown. Finish the eyes as for the cat. Apply White to the teeth. Blush the cheeks with Pink chalk. Spray the pieces with matte sealer.
Step 4 Glue the pumpkin stems to the pumpkin tops to cover the pour holes. Lay the cat’s tail beside the body and glue to the pumpkin. Glue a spring to the post of each pumpkin bottom. Glue tails, feet or hands to the pumpkin bottoms (see the photo). Glue the heads to the pumpkin tops. Allow the pieces to dry. Position the bodies over die springs, but do not glue them in place. Glue the heads to the tops of the springs, being sure they are centered between hand or feet.
What You’ll Need:
■ Greenware pumpkin tops and bottoms, cat, ghost, and witch bodies and heads, and hands, tails, and feet. 3’/4″T.x21/2″W.
■ Cleaning tools.
■ Various brushes.
■ Nonfiling opaque stains-White, Black, Orange. Olive, Dark Brown, Bab)’ Blue, Strawberri Cream, and Purple.
■ Black nonfiling translucent mineral spirit slain.
■ Blending medium.
■ Chalks^Gray and Pink
■ Clear liquid glitter.
■ Sealers^orcelain-type and matte.
■ White craft glue.
■ Springs.

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