Halloween craft

Halloween craft

Scarecrow & Pumpkin Stack
This happy, grinning scarecrow and stack of grimacing, lightable pumpkins are fun to complete with nonfiring stains.
Step 1 Cast the molds for the scarecrow and the pumpkin stack. Allow the scarecrow to dry, but cover the pumpkin stack with plastic to keep it damp until you are ready to begin work.
If you purchase the greenware, ask that the pumpkin stack be kept damp for you.
Step 2 Use a cleanup tool or a sharp knife to cut out the eyes and mouths of the pumpkin stack. Also make a hole in the back of the piece for a snap-in light socket to be added later. Allow the piece to dry.
Step 3 Clean the greenware scarecrow and pumpkin stack replacing details in the mold seam areas as needed.
Fire the pieces to cone 05-04 (1915/ 1940°F-1046/ 1060°C).
Step 4 Base coat the pumpkin slack pumpkins with Orange Ice nonfiring opaque stain. Allow the piece to dry, then antique the pumpkins with Redwood nonfiring translucent stain. Wipe back with a soft cloth, dampening it with thinner-cleaner if necessary. Step 5 Drybrush the pumpkins with Tangerine, then lightly with Yellow. Shade around the cheeks and mouths with Blush. Paint the teeth and eyes Yellow, then add Black pupils to the eyes. Base coat the pumpkin stems with Misty Beige and shade them with Red Brown and Sap Green.
Step 6 Base coat the scarecrow’s pumpkin head and the small pumpkin with Orange Ice. Drybrush the same areas with Tangerine, then shade them with Blush. Fill in the eyes with Sno-White and paint the irises Soft Blue with Black pupils. Add a tiny Sno-White highlight to each eye. Paint the carrot nose of the pumpkin head with Blush and use Black for the mouths of both pumpkins and the eyes and nose of the small one.
Step 7 Base coat the leaves with Black, then drybrush them with Sap Green and Inca Gold.
Step 8 Base coat the straw (hair, above shoes, and broom straws), broom handle, and gloves with Sable Brown. Drybrush the straw with Inca Gold, Ivory, and then with Old Ivory for highlights. Drybrush the gloves with Misty Beige.
Step 9 Base coat the coat, shirt, and scarf with Rook-wood Red and the pants with Rose Mauve. Outline the scarf with Rose Mauve and paint the fringe Sap Green. Base coat the coat, hat, and shoes with Black. Paint the hatband Persian Red. Drybrush the coat with Navy Blue and paint the buttons with Shimmering Silver nonfiring metallic stain. Use Persian Red and Sap Green for the patches. Step 10 Spray each piece with matte sealer. Install a light socket and cord in the pumpkin stack.
What You’ll Need:
■ Greenware scarecrow and damp greenware pumpkin stack
■ Cleaning tools
■ Various brushes
■ Nonfiring opaque stains-Orange Ice, Tangerine, Blush, Yellow, Misry Beige, Red Brown, Sap Green, Sno-White, Soft Blue, Black Inca Gold, Sable Brown, Old Ivory, Rookwood Red, Rose Mauve, Persian Red, and Navy Blue.
■ Redwood nonfiring translucent stain.
■ Thinner-cleaner.
■ Shimmering Silver nonfiring metallic stain.
■ Matte sealer.
■ Snap-in light socket and cord.

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