Fabric crafts

Fabric crafts

Use a small shader brush to apply a coat of Baby Blue to the top bird’s head, back, wing, and tail. Clean the brush and use the edge of it to wipe out a highlight below the eye, on the shoulder, and on the edges of the wing and tail feathers. Paint the breast Yellow Red, leaving a large soft highlight in the center. Apply a little Gray to the rump. Load a detail brush with Black and paint the eye and the beak. Use a toothpick to wipe a highlight from the eye.
Paint the other bird in the same way.
Block in the flower petals and buds with Pale Pink. Apply Mixing Yellow to the flower centers, then shade the side of each center with a short, curved stroke of Yellow Brown.
Wash in the leaves with Yellow Green and Olive Green, using the darker Olive Green color to indicate separations between leaves. Wipe out some center and side veins in some leaves with a clean brush.
Paint the stem Sienna Brown, then wipe a highlight down the entire length of each section.
Fire the china to cone 017 (1377°F-747°C), then lightly sand it and wipe it with a cloth and alcohol.

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