Christmas crafts

Christmas crafts

Golden Spirit SANTA
Suffused with accents of gold, this old world Santa would easily be the center of attraction in anyone’s holiday decor.
Sfep 1 Clean the greenware in the usual careful manner, being sure to replace details in die mold seam areas and elsewhere as necessary.
Fire the piece to cone 04 (1940°F-1060°C).
Step 2 Avoiding the central part of the collar and the sleeve triangles bordered by strings, apply Golden Wheat nonfiring antiquing color for bisque to the coat. Apply Meadow to the hat, the foliage coming from the horn and around the candlestick, the shoelaces, sleeve triangles, and the gown.
Step 3 Apply Burnished Gold nonfiring metallic stain to the horn, belt, coat collar, candlestick, gifts, horn details, shoe, fruits on hat and candlestick, ribbons around hat, jingle bells, and strings on sleeves. Allow the piece to dry.
Step 4 Working on a small area at a time and removing the excess with a soft cloth, antique the piece with Pine nonfiring translucent stain.
Step 5 Drybrush Ivory on the candle and also softly on the Golden Wheat areas for highlights.
Step 6 Prepare a flesh color by adding a few drops of Rust to some Dresden Flesh. Apply 3 coats of this mixture to the face and hands. Darken the mixture a bit more and use it to dry-brush the face and detail the fingernails.
Paint the eyes Pottery Blue and Black, then add the eye lines and lashes with Bark.
Step 7 Drybrush the beard, mustache, and eyebrows with White. Also go over the Meadow areas, reinforcing the color on the lace on the hem and cuffs of the coat and on the edges that resemble fur.
Step 8 Apply Opal liquid glitter to the while borders of the coat, gown, shoelaces, and to the green parts of the hat, candlestick, and horn.
Apply Gold liquid glitter to the yellow section of the coat, the golden sections of the collar and horn.
Step 9 Apply Golden opaque glitter stain to the half moon of belt buckle, hat ribbons, small fruits on hat, horn, large fruits on candlestick, strings, and jingle bells around sleeves. Step 10 Apply Gloss acrylic stain to the eyes.
What You’ll Need:
■ Greenware Santa.
■ Cleaning tools.
■ Various brushes.
■ Nonfiring acrylic stains-White, Ivory, Dresden Flesh, Rust, Pottery Blue, Black, Bark, and Gloss.
■ Pine nonfiring translucent stain
■ Burnished Gold nonfiring metallic stain.
■ Liquid glitters-Opal and Gold. Golden nonfiring opaque
glitter stain.

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